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Serving Your Summons & Complaints | Milwaukee, WI

Almost any legal matter can get costly very quickly. Elite Process Service, LLC, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, can help cut costs. We'll effectively handle your legal paperwork, so that your expensive lawyer can focus on winning the case.

Summons & Complaints | Process Server

We serve both small claim and large claim lawsuits. A small claim is $10,000 or below, and a large claim is above $10,000. Our services are offered to attorneys and collections attorneys as well as anyone who wants to file a lawsuit—large or small—against an individual for money owed, including money that's owed for services rendered.

Our service will include a minimum of five attempts, mileage, and a notarized affidavit of service. We can do pickups and filings at the court house if needed, and this is included in our fee. Elite Process, LLC, offers a personal touch that the sheriff's department cannot provide due to budget and staffing constraints. Our five attempts include morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend attempts, so that we can find people who work different shifts. We can also help with evicting tenants.

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Our fees are $40 for Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties; $50 for Washington, Ozaukee, Racine, and Kenosha Counties; and $55 for Dane County, serving businesses only in Dane. We provide discounts for large volume customers. Elite Process Service, LLC, offers rush service for any document that needs to be served within 48 hours, and we charge an $80 flat fee with unlimited attempts in our service area. Discounts are given for additional parties at the same address. We accept most major credit cards for your convenience.

There's a location fee of $25 per individual for not-founds if the address provided is no good or if the person has moved or never lived there. We will search a database to locate the current address and serve your summons and complaints. If we attempt multiple addresses for one defendant or entity, an additional fee will be added for each additional address based on the county to be attempted in.